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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I miss the beach.

It has been a long time since I went to the beach. I was hoping this weekend (If weather permit) to go to the beach with my buddies. It never work when you plan anything. This time, my mom is going away this weekend for work – No Beach and No Mom. DARN

Well since I can’t go, I might just have to relive the memories of me and the beach.

You may notice, I don’t talk about going in the water. With a name like mine, you would think I love the water right!


See how terrified I look when I am in the water

I don’t like anything in my ears and going in the water means I will have that salty liquid thingy in my ears. It make me so uncomfortable. I have to shake it off, even it mean shaking it off in the water.
Water get in my ears

Beach is ok. I love the sand. I usually will rub / roll myself on the sand – immediately after coming out of the water.

Scuba (on sand)scuba44

Of course I get myself full of sand. I don’t mind shaking the sand off (at least I am on land)

I remembered the last time at the beach. I was excited when I found a tree branch.
I was trying to take it back and give it to Auntie S as a present. She love that
Sentosa 2nd Jan06 (wz branch)

…….. then I heard "Scuba come here" It was mom and she must be calling me to give me food
Who's calling me

It must be food. (Sorry Auntie S. Food is more important. Your present can wait)

FOOD Glorious FOOD and the thought of having competition is too much

I must run as fast as I can

Sad sad sad. Cheated again. There was no food. The humans decided to have our photograph taken


How disappointing but it was a good day out

When can we go to the beach mom?


Anonymous said...

Hee Scuba, you look real happy at the thought of FOOD...
I love to have sand bath too.

~ fufu

Joey said...

Scubi.. don't worry, we'll bring you to the beach. And i will hold your hand when swimming, okay?

Anonymous said...

rolling in the sand stuff looks great, but not going in the water! that last photo is great!

Anonymous said...

I love rolling and scritching my back in the sand!

Bussie Kissies