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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Why did I make a ‘bloody’ mess at Herbie’s new home?

Well you all have seen and read about me in Herbie’s blog.

Herbie said I made a 'bloody' mess in his new home and this is true. I have been having an ITCH. I am itching to go out and find my mum but since I am not allowed to go out on my own, I just have to chew my itchy paws.

Mom went to Hong Kong for work (and so she said) but I found out, she went for the 7s.

What is the 7s? I don’t exactly know but she has been was away for 7days.

Her answer – 7s is short for Rugby 7s. Rugby 7s is a variation of Rugby Union and is made of 7 players. Each match is made up of two 7minute halves (14mins). According to her, this is more than a sporting event and without a doubt the biggest event of the year in HK. Look at the crowd
Rugby 7s

She said she had a ball of a time at the games and where was I, yes you all know SULKING at home ( and also Herbie’s new home).

Talking about the ball. One of the most important rules of the game is that players must pass the ball backwards or sideways but never forwards. How strange is that!!. Maybe my friend Tommy and Joey will love to play at the 7s. Only stumbling block, they have to be as big as the Fijians and the Samoans. Here is Mr. Semisi Serevi from Fiji. Semisi Serevi at HK's 7s
Mom said he is 6’6” and weigh 120kgs. Gee he is HUGE.

Mom said she was staying at a hotel close to the stadium and could see the stadium from her room. Here is the picture of the stadium.
Stadium rugby

After having a ball of a time on Sunday, she forgot to call me for 2 days. Her excuse: Loads of work in her Hong Kong office.

Well I am glad she is back now and being a sweet mummy, she brought home some Easter eggs for me and my friends.
Easter Eggs
(Herbie told me she almost agreed to go away to France for 2 weeks. He has also taught me the art of looking sad and I have been practicing hard and I think it is paying off now – Thanks Herbie)

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_218
Great. The SAD Look does help. Wet Wet licks for you


Rafv said...

arghh. Again,Scuba.. forever itchy paws.. your backside must be itchy as well. :)


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Watch out they will make you wear booties!

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Joe Stains said...

I lick my feet a lot, but not until they bleed!! ouch!!

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