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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tribute to my godbrother, Muscles (So long pal)


It's hard for me to find any words to convey how both my mom and I feel about losing Muscles. We both have so many, many things to say and think about.

Muscles is the only reason why mom got me. She learned so much about Muscles from my godpapa that I am the result of the best behave bull terrier around.

Well, there really is nothing I can say. I love my godbrother, and we will never forget him.

Muscles loves his family, and his family loves him. He loved it when his dad took him to the woods – running free and chasing dogs.

Muscles was a happy dog, especially with this dad. His daddy always carries his pictures with him. If Muscles wasn't sleeping in the picture, he was smiling. They are ones of happiness.

Muscles, you will have a place in our hearts, for the rest of our lives. We will remember you for what you are, and we will love you for who you will always be.

In the end though, this isn’t about impact, legacy, or zest for life. It is simply about LOVE. Love especially from his daddy, my mom and I. More importantly the 16years of love given by Muscles to his dad.

Rest in peace my dear godbrother and may you enjoy your new friends over at the rainbow bridge ( a change from both Hong Kong and Boston ).

We will miss you dearly.

A special note to my godpapa - Please don't be sad. Although you are a so far away in cold Boston, I am sending you loads of licks, kisses and warm thoughts. If you need to hug a bullie, you know where to get it.


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