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Monday, December 04, 2006

The 2Ws of Christmas

It is not Woof Woof.

Rather, I it is about Christmas being White or Warm.

White Christmas

My godbrother, Muscles is freezing in Boston, MA

My friends Maddie and Buddy who are in Canada are also freezing and they are telling me their paws are sooooo cold.

I shall not tell Rafv, the 3 of you are ROUGHING (sorry about the pun but I am sure this will put a smile on Auntie R’s aka Rafv’s mummy’s face) it out in the snow.

If ever there is an 'exchange program', I am sure Rafv will be the first to put up his paw.
Rafv will love to be in the snow……..unfortunately, he is in the wrong country. Or the human will say: he is in the wrong place a the wrong time (Gee, a double whammy for him)

Hand in hand with the Ws, are the 2S (SNOW and SUN)

3 breeds i.e. Bull Terrier, Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever) enjoying themselves in the SNOW
Pictures compliment from:,,

Warm Christmas

My mate Opy who is down under is definitely not liking the heat and I don't blame him. Sometimes the weather in Singapore is like that (I don't mind the heat but it is the humidity that gets to everyone)

My friends and I have no idea what it is like to be in the snow or what it is like to be freezing. The above pictures of this white stuff all around does not give me a comfortable feeling (unlike the Siberian Huskies and the Golden Retrievers, I don’t have much hair) .

I may not like the white stuff on the ground but I sure do love the yellow round ball up in the sky - the SUN


Because of the SUN, we had a picnic outing last Saturday and we had so much fun.
Sun glorious sun

A little about the yellow round ball;
Light and heat from the sun are the basis of life on earth. Sunlight drives plant life via photosynthesis, and animals survive by eating plants.

This yellow round ball is very old - it is about 4.6 billion years old. It is also very far away. Mom said it is 93,000,000 miles (is this how far I am to Muscles, Ms Sunhade, Opy, Marvin and my other doggie friends)

Should the sun gets too hot, have no fear, my girlfriend Miss Sunshade will be happy to give you the pawfect advice.

Ms Sunhade
Isn't she a charmer?

The same 3 breeds basking in the SUN

out in the sun

We would like to generate a warm Christmas greeting to our friends who are enjoying the cold white Christmas

Wherever we are, just remember the warmth from our owners are special. Much more special then the rays from the yellow round ball in the sky.


Bond said...

Hi Scuba, I prefer a warm xmas ... warm enough to melt my heart, not forgetting the warm of the human , the warm of the FOOD :P

btw, have you email to confirm your attendance for the xmas party? I think they will also give be given out the location and details of the party thro email :D

Anonymous said...

I'll go for the warm x-mas too! We go to the beach every X-mas morning, me in the dreaded antlers! I try to destroy them in the waves, but the rents remove them before I can!

Bussie Kissies

Rafv said...

Yap. yap. I agree that Rafv is born in the wrong place and at the wrong time. But I am hoping very hard(cross my finger!) that he doesn't think he is having a "wrong" owner... hehe


Anonymous said...

Hi Scuba, we are getting nothing but rain. It makes great puddles though.

Simba xx

Herbie said...

Well, we can always pretend to have a cold christmas... heh heh

Anonymous said...

Ok, even tho I have been enjoying the snow a lot, seeing your warm pictures have brought back warm fuzzy summer memories......

You know my friend Liam, he shakes in the snow and wants to go home, and he won't even guard his property once he's cold (not that he's a good guard dog anyway to begin with LOL).

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

Scuba, did you change blog?

Miss Sunshade

Sam Iam said...

Be especially patient with your humans during this times for the holidays are here .. They may appear to be more stressed-out than usual and they will appreciate long comforting dog leans.woof-woof

Lot's of Lick's